Building Blocks of a Killer Exercise Program – Part 2: Crafting Your Routine

Step 4: Creating a Balanced Schedule – The Framework
Let’s get down to business and put up the framework of your routine. Balance is key. Mix strength, cardio, and flexibility training across your week. Think of it as a meal plan: too much of one thing is never good.

Step 5: Intensity and Progression – Turning Up the Heat
It’s not just what you do, but how you do it. Start at a comfortable level, then gradually turn up the heat. Increasing intensity or weight over time is like upgrading the materials of your building for something sturdier. But remember, too much, too soon, and the whole thing can come crashing down.

Step 6: Recovery – The Mortar Holding Everything Together
If workouts are bricks, recovery is the mortar. It holds everything together. Rest days, sleep, and proper nutrition are non-negotiable. They’re what make your progress stick and keep the whole structure from falling apart.

Why Westchester Fit Beats Going Solo
Imagine building a house without a foreman. That’s what solo fitness planning is like. You might get the walls up, but will it stand the test of time? At Westchester Fit, we don’t just hand you a plan; we’re the expert guiding hand ensuring your building doesn’t lean like a certain tower in Pisa.

Your Next Step
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