Setting yourself up to CRUSH the week ahead.

How do you set yourself up for success each week? Are you like most others that go into the week, dreading Monday with no plan of action? This happens most of the time due to poor planning. So what kind of steps can you take to set yourself up for success in all areas of life? After all, how you take care of yourself correlates directly to how you will show up as a parent, spouse, child, employee and human being.

One of my areas of focus when I start to analyze my clients habits is how they spend their time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day yet some people tend to be a lot more productive. I do not think this is an accident. I think those that are most productive tend to be intentional about how they spend all of their time.

Are you like most others with:
– No plan of action for top priorities to complete.
– No plan of action for your nutrition.
– No plan of action for your workouts.
– No plan of action for fun time with family and friends.

If the above list sounds like you please keep reading.

Every Sunday I sleep in allow my body to fully rest and recover. I don’t set an alarm and I just allow myself to sleep. Not only does this allow me to recover physically, but most importantly, psychologically. The importance of sleep and recovery cannot be understated. If you look at some of the most successful business people in the the world, Jeff Bezos for example, one key component is a solid sleep schedule to ensure they are mentally alert. In addition to sleep, I have compiled a list below of some of my weekly habits which always allow me to perform my absolute best.

– Each and every morning I spend 30-60 minutes on meditation, prayer, breathing, reading etc. I like to start each of my mornings with silence as it centers me for the day.

– Every Sunday I go food shopping and plan dinners for the week ahead. I also think about “ingredient prep” and making sure my house is stocked with what I need for my other meals. The ingredient prep is a sneaky plug that I think most people often overlook.

– I set my “top 5” list for the week. These are my CEO level tasks that will advance my business and wealth accumulation.

– I schedule all of my clients training sessions.

– I map out and plan all of my jiu jitsu and weight training sessions for the week.

– I sync my calendars and make sure I’m good to go with no time commitment overlaps.

– I have an awesome family dinner to wind down my week and get ready for Monday.

When I go to bed on Sunday I know I have set myself up for success in the week ahead. Rather then dreading Mondays, I’m fired up and ready to tackle the week ahead. I know what lies between your current self and where you want to be is time management. The age old “I don’t have time” excuse is exactly that. An excuse. Some have more responsibilities than others, and one of the keys for those of us with more responsibility is to be extremely diligent and intentional about how we spend our time.

This is one of my passions, and something that I really enjoy. If you want to shoot the breeze about scheduling or time management I’d love to chat. Please shoot me an email

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