Weekend Calories Matter

The weekend is almost here. It’s beautiful weather outside and you want to kick back and relax.

You might very well be tired of eating the same old stuff all week and want something different. Something you’d consider a “cheat” meal (I personally hate that term).

Stress at work, financial pressures, or life in general might be causing some anxiety, and adult beverages are on the menu. I can completely empathize. You should be able to to enjoy yourself without going completely off the rails for 48 hours. Here are a few tips to cope:

  1. Remember your goals. Weekend calories matter and they do add up. The deficit you created all week can easily be nullified if you go completely overboard for 48 hours. Staying true to your intentions should help reign you in here.
  2. Pick one night and have at it. Don’t go crazy but eat what you’ve been craving all week. For me it’s usually a glass or 2 of red and few slices of pizza. Real New York Pizza, not that awful Chicago deep dish :). I generally tend to eat all dinners with a salad beforehand which limits my consumption. I also plan for the meal by eating protein earlier in the day to keep my appetite in check.
  3. Dessert or Alcohol. I rarely ever do both. I think if you choose one or the other you can maintain your social connections without feeling “left out”.

It’s important to remember that just like eating one or two healthy meals won’t make you lose a ton of weight, eating one or two meals off plan won’t derail your progress either. Taking an entire Friday to Sunday off could in that it might completely negate the deficit you’ve created all week.

Don’t stay disciplined all week simply to ruin your progress by throwing caution to the wind on the weekends. You can have your cake and eat it too literally. Just be strategic and smart about it.

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