Why Should We Set Goals?

In our recent discussion, we delved into the significance of setting goals and the methodology behind it. Employing the SMART acronym – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based – we outlined a practical approach to goal-setting. But, one might wonder, why should one invest time and effort in setting goals? What advantages does it bring?

This is an excellent question, often overlooked but critical to personal and professional development. Setting yearly goals isn’t just beneficial for fitness but extends to various aspects of life.

Success isn’t solely determined by hard work and motivation, although these are significant contributors. Often, the lack of prior planning and preparation becomes a stumbling block. Motivation, as powerful as it may be, tends to diminish over time. To sustain commitment, there needs to be a profound reason or, as Mark Divine phrases it, a “north star” guiding focus.

Reflecting on my experience training and competing in high-level CrossFit, there were days when motivation deserted me. What kept me going was the understanding that short-term indulgence in skipping a workout would lead to long-term consequences – missing out on qualifying for the CrossFit Regionals. This north star principle propelled me forward when motivation faltered. Similarly, if weight loss is pursued solely for external validation, maintaining focus during life’s challenges becomes challenging. Understanding the deeper reasons, such as its impact on self-esteem, relationships, and overall well-being, becomes the driving force.

In terms of planning, setting at least one personal and professional goal annually is crucial for every adult. These goals serve to advance careers, fuel passions, and contribute to longer and more fulfilling lives for both individuals and their families. Living life to the fullest requires deliberate actions, not just going through the motions.

Human thriving is intrinsically linked to challenges, whether they are work-related (advancing career through education) or physical (running a marathon or participating in a CrossFit competition). Establishing challenges and accompanying goals fosters continual evolution and a desire for more.

As a coach, witnessing someone settling for mediocrity is disheartening. We all deserve the best, and setting goals is a crucial step in that direction. This is precisely why we emphasize goal-setting consultations at Westchester Fit. If you’re a member who hasn’t taken advantage of this opportunity, now is the time. I assure you, you won’t regret it – book a goal-setting consultation today! Email me to set one up.

– Coach Chris

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