5 Healthy Habits to Take Up in the New Year

As we head into 2023, we are approaching the time of “new year new me”.  I really hate the phrase but I love the sentiment.  Let me explain.  I think the reason most new years resolutions fall flat is due to them all being extrinsically motivated.  For example, I want to lose 15 pounds so I can look good.  For most people that is not a strong enough reason to change their lifestyle, and after 2-3 weeks they give up.  

If the above example was changed to something like, “I want to lose 15lbs so I can get off my blood pressure meds to be around to play with my kids,” this is a lot more selfless in nature, and tied to something much less superficial.  

I will not bore you with another article on goal setting but rather some healthy habits that you can take into the new year and start living your best life in 2023.  Here are 5 healthy habits to start up immediately.

1 – Move everyday – This is really simple.  The more you move the healthier you’ll be (don’t be too extreme here).  Aim for a step goal, the magic 10,000 steps per day was actually an arbitrary figure with no reasoning behind it.  So long as you can hit 7,000 per day, this is a really great target.  I also think it’s super important to hit the weights at least 3 days per week for 30 minutes.  Take a group class, hire a personal trainer or go through a machine circuit at your local gym.  Get in there and do something!

2 – Sleep 7+ hours every night – Aim for at least 7 hours of restful shut eye daily.  This will aid in mental and physical recovery and alertness.  Some things you can do to help here would be getting early morning sunlight, as well as creating a wind down routine at night. Also, you can keep your sleep and wake times the same (within 30 minutes) on the weekends as well.  If sufficient sleep could be bottled into pill form it would be the best performance enhancing drug on the market.

3 – Eat Protein at every meal – Prioritize protein at every meal.  Protein helps to keep you full for an extended period which will prevent overeating.  It will also help in preserving muscle while being able to burn fat.

4 – Silence – This one is super important for the mental health side of things.  Silence is different for everyone.  It could look like meditation, breath work, reading, journaling etc.  I personally enjoy spending 10-15 minutes every morning reading, meditating and doing some relaxing breath work.  It helps my mind get sharp for the day ahead.  Don’t pick something overwhelming, just start with one thing and do it daily.

5 – Get Help/Get Happy – This is probably the most important thing that anyone can do.  Life is short and is meant to be enjoyed.  Too many people suffer in silence or never do things to challenge themselves.  I think hard physical tasks help tremendously here as it pushes people out of their comfort zone.  Also, for those suffering from things like anxiety or depression, mentorship, therapy, men’s/women’s groups can be a life saver.

Keep in mind that the idea is to get one percent better everyday.  You do not need to make a complete lifestyle overhaul starting January 1.  In most cases, you’d be better off picking one of the above 5 and really hammering it for 90 days until it becomes a habit.  Once it becomes a habit, revisit this list and repeat.  It will make a major impact in your life!

– Coach Chris

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